CBD Rollie is your one stop shop for CBD infused smoking products. Our CBD Kief Cones are CBD-oil and CBD-flower infused pre-rolled cones and our CBD erba Wraps are the first and only CBD infused rolling paper or wrap in the world!

CBD Rollie Cones are empty pre-rolled cones that are coated in terpene-rich CBD oil and dusted with CBD kief. The purpose of a CBD Kief Cone is to allow you to fill with your own herb, so you can easily add full-spectrum CBD to your smoking experience. Most strains are very high in THC, but have little to no CBD! Scientists and medical patients are now realizing that cannabis is more than just THC, rather it is about something called "The Entourage Effect." The Entourage Effect is a the explanation of how all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other unique cannabis components all interact together in your body. Just THC alone is not the pleasant feeling you associate with cannabis - you need the full spectrum cannabis has to offer to get the most natural experience. 

Our erba CBD Wrap is an all natural wrap made from full CBD flower buds! Compared to blunt wraps, which are made from tobacco, and hemp wraps made from harsh hemp fibers, our wraps are made full CBD buds. Other hemp wraps claim to contain CBD, but they made by industrially processing hemp fibers, so all the CBD and terpenes are lost. Our wraps and papers are the only smoking products on the market that actually contain CBD. Just like our CBD Kief Cones, our CBD erba Wraps are a great way to add full spectrum CBD to your smoking experience. 

All our products are proudly made here in the United State and we only use the highest quality CBD flowers and CBD extracts, all of which are grown and extracted here in the USA! 



Are these legal in my state? Can you ship these anywhere?

CBD is legal in all 50 states in the United States, so YES - CBD Rollies are legal in your state. Our products are made with only the purest CBD oil, so there is no THC. Only CBD and terpenes.  

Why would I smoke a CBD infused product? 

Most people associate cannabis with getting high and the THC molecule. However, cannabis is comprised of hundreds of compounds that interact within our bodies. THC and CBD are the 2 most prominent components of cannabis. THC gives people the euphoric feeling of being "high," while CBD is primarily responsible for the many medical and health benefits associated with cannabis use. 

By using a CBD Rollie or erba CBD Wrap, you are adding CBD and terpene rich oil and/or flower to your smoking experience. Most strains of cannabis are bred to be high in THC and usually contain no CBD. Our products are the only CBD potent papers and wraps on the market. 

What type of CBD do you use?

We extract our CBD and terpene rich oil from only all natural cannabis hemp plants using a proprietary super-critical CO2 process that preserves all the plant's natural terpenes before the CBD is extracted and purified. Our CBD flowers are all grown here in the United States and are guaranteed always fresh and potent. 

Do these get you high? 

No, smoking these papers alone will not get you "high." Our products only contain CBD and terpenes. 

What terpenes are in your papers/wraps?

The full terpene profile of our plants varies over time and per batch, but our proprietary extraction process perfectly preserves all the natural terpenes in the plant. All terpenes in our unflavored papers and wraps are all-natural cannabis terpenes.