Why smoke CBD infused wraps or rolling papers?

Posted by CBD Rollie on Feb 15th 2014

Get ready for some knowledge which will help you achieve the perfect high, every time!

Quick question, have you ever felt confused, paranoid, forgetful, or anxious after smoking?

These are just some of the side effects you might feel when consuming today's high-potency cannabis, which is grown to maximize THC potency. I mean, the more THC in the cannabis the higher you get, right?


Researchers and doctor's who closely study the therapeutic effects of cannabis agree that THC on its own is a poor drug with some very strong side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and short-term memory loss.

CBD, terpenes, and other trace cannabinoids not only help protect us from the harmful side-effects of THC, but actually enhance the effects of THC.

It is the CBD (cannabidiol) and the terpenes which bring the color and depth to a cannabis high. If THC is the salt of life - then CBD is the sugar and terpenes are the spice. It is the concerto between the three: CBD, Terpenes, and THC where something incredible happens.

So now we know - it is the partnership between CBD, terpenes, and THC which makes cannabis great. There is just one problem - uninformed cannabis smokers still believe the more THC, the better. So growers grow high THC potency cannabis with little to no CBD. CBD Rollie papers are the perfect way to conveniently balance your smoking experience with CBD and terpene rich oil. 

Smooth Burning

Our CBD wraps and papers are made using a patent pending methods that ensure a smooth, even, and flavorful smoke every time.

Our smooth, even coating not only makes it easier to roll, but also creates a slower burn with no added harshness.

Our papers and wraps are coated down to the micrometer ensuring a CBD Rollie will never burn unevenly. An uneven coating means more wasted CBD oil - CBD Rollie is a consistent experience every time.

Elevate your high

Our cannabis hemp oil and hemp flower is naturally rich with CBD, terpenes, and the trace cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC, thus allowing you to benefit from everything the cannabis plant has to offer.

CBD and terpenes work with THC, which can prevent negative side effects like paranoia, memory-loss, irregular heartbeat, and anxiety. Customers describe this as a more mindful high.

CBD also offers therapeutic benefits such as being an anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and helping with pain management.

Enhances flavor

CBD Rollie uses only the highest-grade hemp oil and hemp flower which is full of terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Our gorgeous, golden CBD oil adds citrus and pine high notes to your herbs, creating a smooth and flavorful smoke.

Our coating process produces a perfectly even layer of terpene-rich oil which provides a consistent and balanced flavor throughout your smoking experience.