erba CBD Wraps - All-Natural CBD Potent Wrap made with CBD-Hemp Flower


The CBD erba Wraps™ are an all-natural wrap made from full CBD flower buds, which tests for 11% CBD potency! Other hemp wraps are made from hemp fiber - our wraps are made from real CBD potent flower nugs. If you do your research, you will learn that the companies that claim to have hemp wraps that contain CBD are just using that as a marketing trick! They try to bury their lab results, but if you find them you'll see how there is less than 0.1% CBD in their hemp wraps. Our erba wraps™ are the only true CBD potent wrap in the world! 


Since our wraps are made with CBD flower, you will immediatley notice how much better tasting our wraps are. erba wraps™ burn slow, even, and provide you will all the bennefits of full-plant CBD + natural terpenes. 


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